CURRENT RATE | 1 eur / Kč |25,32720.9.-26.9.2021
Base price | eur/100 kg |150,00150,00
Current price | eur/100 kg |
Current recalculation | eur/kg |6,691,55
CURRENT RATE | 1 eur / Kč |25,355 Kč 24.9.2021
Base price | eur/100 kg |150,00150,00
Current price | eur/100 kg |
Current recalculation | eur/kg |6,561,61

Dear business partners,

please let us inform you that we tested a few cables in Prague laboratory (notified body) EZÚ according to CPR and we are glad to inform you that our cables met following levels.

Design Z145 – CLT CST – B2ca-s1b, d0, a1

Design Z281 – CLT CST Double sheathed Fire resistance 180min – B2ca-s1b, d0, a1

Design AR02 – Standard CLT with glass yarn – B2ca-s1b, d0, a1

Design 7A01 – Round Drop cable  – B2ca-s1b, d1, a1

Datasheets of all mentioned designs are attached below together with laboratory protocols.

IT department with software engineers are working on the implementation of a new system including track recording of products and also raw materials.

16th of July 2019 KDP already planned another testing at EZÚ laboratory based on standard MLT cable construction with 24 – 144f and MLT CST armoured construction 24 – 144f  to make a wider portfolio of quoted cable designs according to the CPR.

Within upcoming weeks we will do our best to finalize implementation of the system and then KDP products will be officially certified according to CPR based on B2ca and Cca levels.