CURRENT RATE | 1 eur / Kč |25,29515.7.-21.7.2024
Base price | eur/100 kg |150,00150,00
Current price | eur/100 kg |
Current recalculation | eur/kg |7,791,48
CURRENT RATE | 1 eur / Kč |25,425 Kč 16.7.2024
Base price | eur/100 kg |150,00150,00
Current price | eur/100 kg |
Current recalculation | eur/kg |7,701,43

Dear business partners,

Like most enterprises, we had been also affected by government measures against the spread of COVID-19. Nevertheless – we’re here for you.
KDP has experienced many unexpected events over the 110 years of its existence and we are confident that we can handle this together.

We’re still here for you

  • Our team is at your disposal
    KDP employees are working to satisfy all your inquiries, orders and deliver your goods.
  • We still produce
    The production of copper and fiber optic cables is unchanged. At the moment we have enough material for production and our purchasing department is in contact with suppliers to resolve any outages of individual material supplies.
  • We still deliver
    We try to deliver the goods according to specified plans. Unfortunately, sometimes we are unable to meet the lead time due to the border situation, but we still try to minimize delays. In the case of new government regulations, we flexibly address adjustments in the shortest possible time.
  • We still accept orders

What measures have we taken to limit the spread of coronavirus

Protecting the health of our employees is for us in the first place. Therefore, KDP management has decided to take the following steps to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission at our site.

  • Increased hygiene (availability of disinfection in KDP area for employees, frequent disinfection of busy places)
  • Social distancing
  • Wearing protective masks on the premises
  • Measuring the temperature of workers in the workplace (including recommendations to monitor employees themselves at home)
  • Possibility of a home office for jobs that allow it
  • Prohibition of visits to the KDP

At the same time, we are reacting to the new regulations in order to satisfy our business partners as much as possible and to continue our production.

On behalf of the entire KDP team, we wish you stay healthy and we hope that this crisis will be over soon.